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Africa Consumer Panel is a cooperation of the digital publisher Africa Business Communities and renowned market research firm MSI-ACI.

Africa Consumer Panel

Africa Consumer Panel is a cooperation of the digital publisher Africa Business Communities and renowned market research firm MSI-ACI. We strive to provide consumers with the latest and most effective communication platforms via the internet. Africa Consumer Panel's focus is to provide a global community where consumers can openly voice their opinions and ideas, making sure their voices are heard all over the world.

What do we do with the information

Africa Consumer Panel adheres to a strict privacy policy. The information you supply to Africa Consumer Panel via the profile questionnaire or any other survey is strictly confidential. Your information will only be used for marketing research purposes. Under no circumstances will this information be sold or given to a third party. No sales efforts or solicitations will be made as a result of your Africa Consumer Panel participation. Would you like to know more about this? Read more on the Privacy page.

Participating is very simple

Once the registration is complete you will have access to participate in the community forums and you will be invited to take part in our online surveys.

When you have been selected to take part in a survey, you will receive an e-mail invitation. Each invitation will give you information about the current survey topic and what kind of prizes you could win by completing that survey.

The invitation will contain a link to the survey. Your unique login details are processed in the link. All you need to do is click on it and start filling in the survey.

You decide when to participate

When you receive an invitation, you can either complete the survey right away, or take it later, whenever it suits you. Normally, a survey will remain available for several days. Of course, you might decide not to take part in a particular survey at all, and wait for the next survey instead.

About the partners

Africa Business Communities
About Africa Business Communities

Africa Business Communities is a Digital B2B Publisher that enables companies and organizations to connect with African Business Professionals.

Africa Business Communities supports doing business in Africa by recruitment services, custom media productions and market research and is the largest player on LinkedIn in in Africa.

The social networks of Africa Business Communities connect over 1,000,000 business professionals worldwide with an interest in the continent Africa.

About MSI-ACI Europe BV

MSI Advanced Customer Insights is a subsidiary of a leading US-based market intelligence firm, MSI International.

MSI consists of enthusiastic professionals who think the intersection of technology, human behaviour and marketing is fascinating — and ripe with opportunity. We are adept at finding more meaningful ways to communicate in an age of over-communication and eager to share smart new solutions that turn insight into foresight.

Meet our team members

Bas Vlugt
Marc Stubbé
Afia Owusu-Nyantakyi
Rodney Tiesselinck
  • Rodney Tiesselinck
  • Chief Operational Officer
Jaap de Graaf
Paul Ansems

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