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Changes to the Terms of Use

African Consumer Panel retains the right to change the Terms of Use at all times. African Consumer Panel will communicate all significant changes to community members. If the member does not respond within 10 days, African Consumer Panel will assume that the member has agreed with the proposed change.

Registration & Membership

All registration information, including individual member name and title and company information, is subject to verification. Fraudulent enrolments will be cancelled. All members, as a contingency of enrolment, must review and agree with all statements concerning Privacy and Security.


African Consumer Panel maintains strict security procedures to safeguard the confidentiality of all customer information. Members are obliged to keep login information confidential. African Consumer Panel can only ensure protection against theft of personal details by third parties if members maintain strict confidentiality of login information and do not share it with third parties. Members who become aware of unauthorized usage of login information must inform African Consumer Panel immediately.


Members agree to provide African Consumer Panel with a valid identity and other personal information when registering. African Consumer Panel retains the right to temporarily or permanently exclude any member from the community who provides false information.


African Consumer Panel retains the right to change, refuse, or remove any content that has been provided for publication at any time. It also retains the right to change functionality, design, or information about services or any other offering provided by African Business Communities.


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